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Roads - Airfields - Bridges - Forecourts

Traffic routes and infrastructure structures are subject to constant dynamic and meteorological stresses. Artificial structures (bridges, galleries, retaining walls, etc.) must be protected against damaging influences such as de-icing salts. Traffic routes require fast maintenance that hardly restricts traffic flow, even at low processing temperatures. Safety aspects are also becoming increasingly important. Roads and forecourts must be colored and modernized.

Efficient customized repair

Roads and engineering structures are not only exposed to constant meteorological stresses - they also have to cope with an ever-increasing volume of traffic.

But it is precisely in this heavy traffic flow that it is difficult to enforce sufficient closure times for necessary repair measures.


With WestWood® PMMA products, however, a repair solution for roads and engineering structures is available that massively shortens construction times: The highly reactive PMMA resins cure quickly and can be optimally applied even at temperatures as low as -5 °C, regardless of the weather!

Compliant with regulations

The specifications of ZTV-ING 7.1 can also be fully met for bridge and trough structures with a PMMA system structure: Primer, scratch filler and sealer based on PMMA in combination with the polymer bitumen weldable membranes listed by BASt (TL-BEL-B, Part 1) ensure safe repair and permanent sealing of engineering structures.


PMMA products allow extremely short repair times. And because they are not only mechanically highly resilient, but also resistant to chemicals and hydrolysis, they protect traffic routes from damaging influences such as de-icing salts and extreme weather conditions for decades.

Bridge with WestWood® Bucket

Wecryl waterproofing system under asphalt

The new Wecryl waterproofing system under asphalt is a dynamic, highly crack-bridging waterproofing system based on PMMA resins for bridges.

- tested and approved according to ETAG 033 (EAD) and ZTV-ING, part 6, section 3
- more than 3.000 m²/ day possible
- optimized consumption 2.4 kg/m²
- static crack bridging > 8.0 mm ( class A5)
- dynamic crack bridging class B 4.2 (-30 °C) according to DIN EN 1062-7
- no primer required on steel
- ...

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WeTraffic surface design

Surface markings in high traffic areas of application such as:
- Roads and highways
- pedestrian guidance systems and cycle paths
- Industrial halls and entrance areas
- ...

- without primer on asphalt
- durable, economical, permanently weather-resistant
- low area consumption
- shorter acceleration and braking distances
- UV, hydrolysis and alkali-resistant
- almost all RAL color shades

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Beschichtung der Riegeloberseiten an der Hochstraße Elbmarsch

Transom top coating BAB 7, Elbmarsch elevated highway

Use for the only PMMA system with TAB approval

Brücke während der Sanierungsarbeiten von oben fotografiert

Bridge sealing Schettelbach bridge

Successful sealing of two engineering structures


Access to the AIRBUS factory site

Rehabilitation of the trough and tunnel structure in record time

Fachverarbeiter appliziert Haftvermittler für nachfolgenden Asphalt.

TUM Campus

Rehabilitation with waterproofing system under mastic asphalt

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