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Safely tight - timelessly elegant

Individual, attractive look for everyone. As individual as tastes are, so versatile can modern liquid resin systems be designed. A wide variety of colors, infill materials and shapes allow the right surface to be implemented for everyone. The tile look is particularly popular, combining the "look and feel" of tile with perfect maintainability. Thanks to the short reaction times of the flexible PMMA resins, only a few hours are needed to cost-effectively turn customers' personal wishes into reality.

Efficient balcony renovation made to measure

The renovation of balconies is a technical and design challenge in equal measure.
A wide variety of detail connections and different substrate materials are located in a very confined space and have to be sealed.
As an "extended living room", it is important to fulfill the individual wishes of the building owner with regard to the color and shape of the surface design.
Modern liquid resin waterproofing systems made of flexible PMMA resins meet these high demands.

Long-lasting - flexible from the ground up

WestWood® PMMA resins are flexible by chemical structure and free of plasticizers. As a result, they remain permanently elastic and ductile.

Safer - The "power strip effect

The different expansions of various materials such as bitumen, concrete, metal, etc., triggered by thermal effects, are permanently and safely bridged. The key factor here is the perfect ratio between adhesion and tensile strength (same effect when the Tesa Power-Strip is removed). The waterproofing membrane partially detaches from the substrate rather than tearing. In this way, it creates the necessary stretching distance to safely bridge subsequent cracks.

Preserving - and minimizing costs

The low installation height and functional adhesion to common materials such as screed, concrete, tiles, wood, clinker and metal allow safe renovations on the old covering and save demolition costs.

Stair sealing systems

Elegant sealing solutions for stairs of all kinds.

- safe and tight
- weatherproof
- can be walked on again quickly
- economical and durable
- professional renovation options

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Insulation systems

Efficient thermal insulation of roof terraces, balconies, entrance areas, arcades and much more.

- Load-bearing, walkable system
- low installation height (25 mm, without insulation)
- Approved by building regulations according to DIN 18531
- economical and safe
- easy and quick installation
- fermacell® Powerpanel TE is fabric-reinforced

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Drainage systems

Optimal waterproofing of damp substrates. Use for objects with excessive substrate moisture for the application of liquid plastics, balconies, arcades, terraces etc..

- Waterproofing of damp substrates possible
- can save demolition, months of waiting time and/or removal of the screed
- approved by building authorities according to DIN 18531-5
- Low installation height: total height approx. 8 mm

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Landing Bridges

Refurbishment of the pontoons during ongoing operation


Terrace and stair waterproofing

PMMA renovation of a terrace complex with architectural details


WEG Parksiedlung

Perfect solution for residual moisture and external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS)


Access galleries Hohenrode

Successful coating even in winter months


Arbors WEG Rotdornweg

Tile look PMMA on six arcades


WEG in Eichholz

Aesthetic balcony renovation

Balkonanlage eines Wohnkomplex von außen.

Residential complex Am Stutenanger

Energy balcony renovation


Balcony with tile look

A balcony renovation directly on the Baltic Sea


Balconies house sea air

Rapid redevelopment makes vacation rental further possible


Apartment house with balcony

Perfectly renovated balcony with frost-resistant tile look


Residential complex with 11 balconies

Looking good for the long term...


Balcony renovation by the sea on Norderney

Balcony renovation with the WestWood® Wecryl waterproofing system


Balcony renovation in one day - Quickborn

CE-certified according to ETAG 005 - the Wecryl waterproofing system

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