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Stellplätze eines neu sanierten und leeren Parkhauses


Quickly refurbished - Without downtime

The rehabilitation of parking decks must pay off in two ways. Installation must be carried out in a short time, preferably during ongoing operation, and the waterproofing and coating systems must provide lasting protection.

Efficient parking garage renovation made to measure

The rehabilitation of parking areas must pay off in two respects:

It must cause only minor disruptions to operations and should minimize long closure times and any loss of revenue that may occur.

The system must permanently withstand mechanical and weather-related loads. This permanent protection of the building fabric significantly extends the intervals between renovations.

Modern waterproofing and coatings made of flexible PMMA resins are waterproofing and driving surface in one. They are only about 5 mm thick and weigh 12 kg/m² and can almost always be applied to old surfaces such as concrete and asphalt (and also metal, plastic, glass, etc.). Demolition costs are eliminated - parking garage operations continue! Larger construction measures can be carried out in sections - while the parking garage continues to operate!

More durable - flexible from the ground up

WestWood® PMMA resins are flexible in their chemical structure and free of plasticizers. As a result, they remain permanently elastic and ductile. Abrasion and wear are minimal. The system withstands even the most demanding requirements. For example, on a ramp rehabilitated in 2002, the traces of processing (trowel impacts) can still be seen after approx. 8 million vehicle rollovers.

Faster - because time is money

This is especially true in commercially used parking garages. The motto is not to lose unnecessary time during rehabilitation. Ramps are rehabilitated in six hours, entrances and exits are repaired overnight. This is because the modern PMMA resins are fully cured after 20 minutes. The laid surfaces can be reworked or used again in no time at all. Furthermore, the systems are suitable for year-round use, as they can be safely processed at temperatures as low as -5 °C.

Wecryl surface protection system OS 10 - 2.0

Thanks to the continuous system structure based on PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), it meets the requirements placed on surface protection systems.

- possible without fleece insert
- highly flexible and crack-bridging (up to and including -30 °C)
- applicable on almost all substrates
- ...

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WeTraffic - Surface design made easy

And thanks to optimized resins, WeTraffic products are highly closed, easy to clean, very abrasion-resistant and offer a long service life.
The products are also ideal for indoor areas, for example. Thus, the areas of application also include entrance areas, underground garages and industrial halls.

- solvent-free
- durable, economical
- almost all RAL color shades
- low surface consumption
- UV, hydrolysis and alkali resistant

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Wecryl 481 GlowLine

The photoluminescent, thin-film marking stores the energy from UV radiation, daylight or artificial light and reproduces it as a light source in the dark. The process can be repeated as often as required.

- meets the requirements of ASR A3.4/3
- tested according to DIN 67510 part 1 (PB-No.: 53508673/1)
- ideal for escape routes
- provides improved orientation

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Parking garage "Am Münster", Donauwörth

Refurbishment with the fastest OS 11 system on the market


Heated ramp

Open space heating in PMMA thin bed


Hamburg Airport Parking Garage P6

Subsequent coating with crack-bridging protective system


Parking lot renovation in Cologne city center

Rapid refurbishment in just two weeks - with PMMA


Parking garage Klingenthal Südringcenter

PMMA system structure with integrated open-space heating


Underground car park in Eschborn

PMMA surface protection systems WestWood® Wecryl OS 8 and OS 10


Underground car park Friedrichsplatz in Kassel

Wecryl surface protection system OS 10 - 2.0


Topdeck University Hospital in Dresden

PMMA surface protection system WestWood® Wecryl OS 10 - 2.0


Underground car park MARK in Munich

PMMA surface protection system WestWood® Wecryl OS 10 - 2.0


Dream garage in record time in London

From milking parlor to Shmuseum

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