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Wecryl Waterproofing System under asphalt

The Wecryl waterproofing system under asphalt is an innovative and extremely crack-bridging PMMA waterproofing system. The high-quality and highly flexible PMMA waterproofing resin Wecryl 240 /-thix is used as a sealing layer with increased crack bridging under asphalt in accordance with ETAG 033 and ZTV-ING Part 6 Section 3 (TL/TP-BEL-B 3, 1995). It can also be used as a sealing layer under mastic asphalt in accordance with DIN 18532-6. The liquid processing allows the creation of seamless surface waterproofing without fleece embedding.

Application Areas:

Wecryl 240 /-thix is used as waterproofing for concrete components with separation cracks and scheduled mechanical stress, e.g. for bridges, trough structures and tunnel floors. Wecryl 240 /-thix serves as a highly flexible sealing layer with extremely high crack bridging properties under protective and surface layers made of asphalt for surfaces that can be walked on and driven over. It can also be used on steel bridges.

Attributes Description

  • highly flexible and extremely crack-bridging, even at temperatures up to and including -20 °C (100,000 cycles dynamically as well as
  • tested according to crack bridging class B 4.2 at -30 °C)
  • tested according to TL/TP-BEL-B 3 (1995) as a sealing layer for the production of bridge decks on concrete
  • fleece-free waterproofing resin
  • static crack bridging after stress > 8.0 mm
  • very good adhesion to mastic asphalt and rolled asphalt, thus good shear strength
  • full-surface adhesion, no backward movement
  • easy and fast application
  • fast curing
  • solvent-free