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Solutions without limits

When it comes to the renovation of special objects that lie outside our classic application categories, this is where you will find the absolute strength of liquid resin. Often it is extremely high loads or unusual applications that make the use of our liquid resin systems necessary.

Efficient refurbishment made to measure

The refurbishment of special projects poses a wide range of requirements in terms of impermeability, durability and longevity. The spectrum of challenges ranges from unusual tasks, locations or construction projects to particularly intensive or long-lasting loads to permanent durability.

Where conventional systems reach their limits, liquid resin systems from WestWood® show their strengths.

Waterproofing of tower elements or base renovations

More than almost any other form, wind turbines stand for the energy turnaround that has been ushered in here. Exposed to wind and weather with extreme conditions, these striking structures are often located near the coast with very salty air. Extreme conditions for the materials, especially with regard to durability and functionality.

- ideal for all kinds of custom-made surface and detail solutions
- moisture penetration is prevented
- high crack bridging

Solutions without borders

Where conventional systems reach their limits, liquid resin systems show their strengths. We are also the ideal partner for unusual projects.

- Tight, durable and long-lasting
- even under extreme loads
- safe maintenance
- individual design possibilities



Roof terrace Philharmonic Hall

Enjoying art dry and safe


Floating pontoons "Norderelbstraße

In a short time reliable grip for the long term


Support head Predigtstuhlbahn

Safe protection made of PMMA for the world's oldest cable car


Heliport Central Hospital

Open space heating for the UKSH in Lübeck


WU concrete joint waterproofing

in the Belgian Quarter, Cologne


Lookout tower on Fehmarn

WestWood® PMMA Surface Protection System OS 10 - 2.0

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