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In addition to expertise, success requires one thing above all: personality. We are different, we are special and certainly not standard - people with character shape our exceptional family business. In our team we like to work together and we celebrate together. We are like a big family, that's why our parties are always handmade: with beer tent, grill and contributed salads - and later we fight it out to see who gets to take home the sporting challenge cup. We are proud that so many employees are still loyal to us today. Everyone is passionate and motivated and contributes to the continued success of the company. And because we are like that, our customers particularly appreciate us. Because we always deliver new solutions. With a team that is unique. Our home is Petershagen. This is where we are expanding our headquarters and driving the development of our family business forward with the next generation. Sustainably, step by step, we are adding more pieces to the puzzle: pieces that fit us exactly. We sincerely say THANK YOU to all who accompany us on our further way!

Innovative together. With system.

Permanently sealing building components and surfaces with a wide variety of geometries - that is the mission of WestWood®. Our enthusiasm for new ideas has long since made us the innovation leader for waterproofing and coating systems made of modern liquid resins.

Whether the BIS mortar, the H PMMA sealing system, the fleece-free OS 10 systems or the surface heating: Together with our customers, we develop high-quality system solutions based on PMMA resins, which are used on balconies, terraces, arcades, in parking garages, on roads and bridges, flat roofs as well as in special applications - in 16 countries around the world!

Anything other than ordinary.

In all applications, our customers appreciate not only the products "Made in Germany" that we produce in Petershagen. They also know our strong urge to always find the best solution with unconventional methods. Because WestWood® employs people with ambition. People who take responsibility and have the courage to rethink even the tried and tested. Free spirits and forward thinkers are at work here. Experienced technicians with their own opinions and backbone, who focus on every construction site. We are never satisfied with what we have achieved, but state clearly what is possible and what is not. That's why there is no standard with us. Instead, we offer solution-oriented, practical advice, coupled with the strong service of our interdisciplinary team.

A valuable partnership.

Honesty, authenticity, partnership - these are the values that our customers, suppliers and processors associate with us. And our employees feel comfortable because everyone gets a chance here and no one bends. We even hire 70-year-olds who want to make a big difference with us. In this way, each of us also contributes to your project with passion and motivation and contributes to the further success of the company.

Petershagen is our home.

Our roots are in Minden, where Klaus Westphal and Kristian Grünwald founded the company as managing partners in 1999. Since 2003, the company's current headquarters have been located in Petershagen in eastern Westphalia, just a few kilometers from Minden. We feel a special bond with our homeland. That is why careful, sustainable action is particularly close to our hearts.

From here, we are driving the development of our family business forward with the next generation. We are expanding under our own steam and continue to provide the right impetus for trend-setting innovations with which we are opening up new areas of business. Our subsidiaries in Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, Italy and the USA also benefit from this - and you: Welcome to WestWood®!

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is located in Petershagen-Lahde with a capacity of 9,000 t per year



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Klaus Westphal, Alexander Westphal



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of the still owner-managed company in East Westphalia, Germany.