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Absolutely watertight - in the long term

When it comes to waterproofing and coating roof surfaces, you will find the absolute strength of liquid resin. The surface and all connections and details, regardless of shape and material, are securely sealed without seams or joints. The result is a long-lasting waterproofing made to measure.

Efficient roof renovation made to measure

More durable - Flexible from the ground up

The WestWood® Wecryl roof waterproofing system is used on flat roofs of e.g. industrial buildings or high-rise buildings, especially for renovations. It is also suitable for fast and secure partial waterproofing of all connections such as ventilators, skylight domes and floor drains.

Safer - The "Power Strip Effect

The different expansions of various materials such as bitumen, concrete, metal, etc. triggered by thermal effects are permanently and safely bridged. The key factor here is the perfect ratio between adhesion and tensile strength (same effect when the Tesa Powerstrip is removed). The waterproofing membrane partially detaches from the substrate rather than tearing. In this way, it creates the necessary stretching distance to safely bridge subsequent cracks.

More efficient - the "solar turbo

In addition, the energy yield of solar systems can be increased, for example, by a highly reflective (finish) surface.

Wecryl roof waterproofing system

Efficient waterproofing and coating by means of liquid resins:

- any shape and any material
- all details incl. connections

are securely sealed without joints or seams.

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Wecryl roof waterproofing system

The renovation of flat roofs focuses on a single goal: impermeability!

- no fleece overlaps
- long-lasting waterproofing made to measure
- fast and safe
- safe even when bridging cracks
- save expensive demolition costs
- increasing energy yield of solar systems

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Industrial hall DITTRICH + CO

Substance-preserving liquid waterproofing


Industrial roof renovation

Roof waterproofing system for historic industrial roof


Shed roof renovation

Strong in detail - secure adhesion - optimum elongation properties


Flat roof clinic in Bamberg

Operation successful - "clinic roof" saved

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