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WestWood® 910

Anti-flow additive, powder

The silica-based WestWood® 910 allows an increase in viscosity and thixotropy of the liquid WestWood® products. Thus, the flow behavior can be adapted to the ambient conditions.

Material Description:

Thickener in powder form based on silicic acid


is a white powder

Area Of Application:

WestWood® 910 is used to thicken and thixotropize WestWood® PMMA resin products. This reduces run-off of the resin products when applied to sloped and perpendicular surfaces.

Attributes Description

  • immediate effect after stirring in


Product information

Safety data sheets

Declarations of performance

  • WestWood® 910: Setting agent, powder
    WestWood® 910: Setting agent, powder
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