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Extension of the abP for WU concrete joints - now even more ductile!

The Wecryl Joint Waterproofing System (two-layer) for WU concrete joints has passed the joint movement extension test to 25 mm!


Some key data of the two-layer joint waterproofing system:

approved for:

- 25 mm resulting (total) deformation - expansion: max. 22 mm (transverse to the joint)
- 40 mm initial joint width
- Shear: max. 12 mm (longitudinal to the joint)
- Water column: 3 m

The Wecryl Joint Waterproofing System is a high-quality, fleece-reinforced and permanently highly flexible waterproofing system for the secure sealing of construction joints, predetermined crack joints and expansion joints. The adjustable expansion range allows adaptation even to large expansion joints. The new abP (general test certificate issued by the building authorities) is available here as a pdf download:

Test certificate

These photos show the result of a provisional simulation of the ductility of the WU concrete joint system. For this purpose, a self-built apparatus was used (joint table).

This makes it possible to mechanically expand or compress a joint. The photos clearly show how the two-layer Wecryl R 230 sealant detaches from the joint sliding strip and can thus move freely.

Even with the limited table clearance, the joint width could be widened to about 42 mm - and without any tears at all in the joint sealing surface!

The initial width was about 15 mm - a remarkable performance! Thus, the new certification could be confirmed by the MPA Braunschweig.

The test at the MPA according to PG-FBB is even tougher, especially since water pressure is additionally used for testing there.

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