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WestWood® goes all-in!

"So we are going all-in and Thomas, Sarah and I will continue to live the well-known values of Elke and Klaus in the future!" says Alexander Westphal, who uses these words to announce the start of his wife Sarah Westphal in the company, proudly basing his statement here on the values that Elke and Klaus Westphal have built up over the years:

  • Familiar 
  • Innovative together. With system.
  • Anything other than ordinary.
  • A valuable partnership.
  • Petershagen is our home.

We would like to welcome Sarah Westphal as a new member of the WestWood® family since the beginning of June. With her many years of experience in the corporate customer sector of a regional bank, she now supports our management circle - a new perspective that will certainly complement the company in a positive way! We are happy that we can continue to exist and grow as a family business, that the traditions will continue and that Sarah will accompany us on our extraordinary way!

Sarah und Alexander Westphal