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Wecryl 333 /-thix 10 /-thix 20 /-Wi


Wecryl 333 is a flexibilized levelling mortar for use on used surfaces such as roof terraces, balconies and multi-storey parking lots. Within the Wecryl waterproofing systems, it serves as a protective layer of the waterproofing layer. In the coating systems, it is used as a thick coating.

Material Description:

3-component, fast-curing, flexibilized and filled levelling mortar based on polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)


RAL 7032 Pebble gray

Area Of Application:
  • Protective layer, thick coating or leveling in Wecryl systems
  • Protection of the waterproofing layer against traffic loads through load distribution
  • As a thick coating on crack-free surfaces or over hairline cracks without waterproofing
  • Equalization and smoothing of break-outs and height offsets up to 10 mm

Attributes Description

  • Versatile use as waterproofing protection layer, thick coating and levelling
  • Product for objects subject to mechanical loads (e.g. from pedestrians, vehicles, etc.)
  • Economical solution for coating crack-free or hairline cracked floor surfaces
  • full-surface adhesion, no trailing
  • Easy and fast application
  • Fast curing
  • Can also be applied at freezing temperatures
  • Can be applied to almost all substrates, even changing ones (in combination with WestWood® primers)
  • solvent-free


Product information

  • Wecryl 333 /-thix 10 /-thix 20 /-Wi
    Wecryl 333 /-thix 10 /-thix 20 /-Wi
    PDF, 173 KB

Safety data sheets

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